The SmartStep (Service for Mobiles & Accessories and Repair Tracking System with Time Evaluation for Productivity) system from UNARS Technologies has been custom developed for the mobile manufacturing and retail distribution industry to facilitate the repair and servicing of mobile phones and accessories.

The SmartStep system is a complete workflow management system that controls, manages and reports on the after-sales service network for mobile phones and peripherals. Implemented as a single instance web-based system, SmartStep brings all repair centres of the company on the 'same page'. From the instant a unit is brought in for service / repair, till it is handed back to the customer after successful servicing, the system tracks the movement and activities of all participants on a 'near real-time' basis. The broad functionality and modules of SmartStep include:

  • Creating a new workorder with facility to check instantly the repair history for that registered number (IMEI based) and an instant check of the validity of IMEI number (new GOI regulations effective 01st Dec 2009, mandate registration of IMEI nos. for all mobile phones)
  • Allocation of workorder to selected engineer
  • Estimation module for creating an on-line and instant repair estimate for customer approval
  • Order placing for spares from Engineer to Stores (integrated with Inventory module for complete tracking of spare parts in and out)
  • Formalising of repair work done by Engineer
  • Formalising of 'Quality Check' done by QC Engineer post repair
  • Redelivery of handset / accessories to customer with associated invoicing and billing
  • Hierarchy and access-rights based system to ensure sanctity of information flow across the user system
  • Level 1 & 2 service centres have facility to escalate certain repair issues to L2 or L1 level(s) with complete on-line tracking of status and whereabouts of any specific workorder
  • Every individual workorder generated within the system is instantly trackable by any user, at a level that is commensurate with his/her assigned access rights
  • The system maintains a complete history of all activities, duly time-stamped, as an audit trail for possible compliance with external standards

A powerful Reporting System provides exhaustive and meaningful MIS reports for effective control by the management:

  • Individual Productivity reports (Engineer, for example)
  • Activity reports at the unit, zone, enterprise level
  • Financial activity reports at the unit, zone, enterprise level
  • Spares consumption and ROB reports
  • Status reports for any specified time period, date range, location, instrument type, or individual (user type)

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