Dealer / Distribution Management

Dealer Management system from UNARS Technologies has been custom developed for the Products manufacturing and retail distribution industry to facilitate to track the sales to channel partners for their products.

The DMS is a complete workflow management system that controls, manages and reports on the sales network for any products for all industries. Implemented as a single instance web-based system, DMS brings all channel partners/ dealers of the company on the 'same page'. From the instant a unit is brought in for Sales, till it is sold to the customer , the system tracks the movement and activities of all participants on a 'near real-time' basis. The broad functionality and modules of DMS include:

  • Access stock status information across all locations and automate transfer requests
  • Manage and appoint the dealer online
  • Track the sales of its distributor online
  • Track the Productivity of its sales team across India
  • Manage the stock of any distributor / dealer online and at HO level

Warehouse Transfers

Warehouse transfers can be automatically or manually created for both inter-location and inter-company transfers. Suggested transfers are based on the usage, transfer lead time, and minimum requirements of each location. Use the transfer maintenance program to review suggested transfers and adjust the stock allocations for each item by location.

Product details