Customized Products

UNARS is a proven model for any companies IT department that wishes to attain maximum efficiency, be prepared for scalability and growth and reduce costs, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. UNARS is the appropriate choice for companies that wish to have an Outsourced Software Development Facility with state of the art infrastructure, qualified and certified engineers, and guaranteed Quality of Service.

Once you outsource a project to us, we undertake complete responsibility for the project. All we need from you are the project requirements and of course, your approvals and suggestions at different stages in the product life cycle. This way, you are spared the expense of maintaining a team of developers, expensive infrastructure and the headaches that accompany the development process itself.

We are helping SMEs to jumpstart their operations by implementing low cost open source solutions based on technologies like Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP (LAMP), Perl, RoR etc. We have implemented open sources CRM, DMS and ERP applications for its clients for giving them initial leverage.

We help our clients reduce operating costs, enhance customer service, and differentiate their products in the marketplace. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to create customized solutions for all our client's needs.

Few customimzed products are developed for clients as below-

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